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Dr. Gregory Hertzberg

Almost 30 Years experience as chiropractor in Mesa and Chandler.

Professional yet affordable care

 We acceptance insurance as well as have affordable care plans starting at $49/month 

Gentle techniques

With 30 years of experience in hands-on care and instrument adjusting, an adjustment can be tailored to your own special needs 

Services Offered

Experienced in sports injuries, auto accident injury, work injuries, wellness care, massage therapy, exercise rehab, physical medicine modalities

Massage Therapy

We have been providing massage in Mesa and Chandler and the surrounding community since 1998. Massage therapy can be an important part of your care plan.

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Email us a request or better yet give us a call at 480-899-0882


  • Santara R. - The best massage!
  • Ann T. - Very knowledgeable
  • Ron E. - The adjustment was very helpful. Seriously, it made me feel 10 years younger. This was my 1st adjustment ever, and I didn't know that adjusting my back will make me feel so rejunivated and flexible. The massage was awesome also. Seriously, the massage was the best I've ever had. I'm going back for sure. The adjustment was all that it was cracked up to be.  
  • Mary P. - the masseuse, Eileen, is their ace in the hole! Excellent!
  • Misty M. - Thank you to Living Social for offering this deal and giving me a chance to get help. Im always seeing must haves offers, can't wait to try something else!! Dr. Greg is a nice person full of care!!! Thanks again!!
  • Ayoka C. - It was the best experience and extremely informative. I would recommend them to everyone I know!
  • Evelyn G. - Amazing service! Definitely recommending them to friends and family. 
  • Pamela C. - Great chiropractic care and massage was wonderful. 
  • Jules B. - We found the chiropractor extremely thorough, and very caring.  The massage therapist was excellent, one of the best, as we have had massages in Canada as well as Europe.  We will be booking more appointments with them.
  • Felicia S. - This was a great bargain because the Dr. is very thorough and experienced.  His services were a steal with this deal
  • Laura S.
  • "he's very thorough and you can tell he likes what he does. his prices are great too! the massage was amazing and really helped problem areas. Loved it. can't wait to go back"
  • Gail P.
  • "very attentive doctor, was patient and knew his stuff"
  • Jax M.
  • "It was a fantastic deal and the doctor and masseur were very thorough. I will definitely be back. "
  • Jennifer O.
  • "Dr. Greg is FANTASTIC! It's a pleasure going there now as I've made him my regular chiropractor, and Nancy is an excellent masseuse!"
  • Suellen W.
  • "excellent job and the massage was great also"